Saturday, September 25, 2010


We have been taught if it's meant to be it's meant to be no matter what. I remember back in my grade school on our catechism class, the catechist said in the book of Genesis God took out one of Adam's rib and He created a partner for him where Adam named her Eve. So that means before we were born God already made a great partner for us. Which also means that we should not be worrying who will be our partner forever because God have already taken care of it. Am I getting it right?

As a girl I dreamed of having a happy family, a faithful, loving husband who is also this and that.  In other words a perfect family! But it's not easy to get that dream. I guess it's because I saw things in a different way- perfection or maybe because I am busy looking around! As far as I remember I have a very long list the whole page of my notebook is not enough! Can you imagine? I have a checklist with me! My first relationship wasn't fun at all because as far as I am concern I was constantly checking my list? I was looking for perfection. Didn't work out (or maybe because I was still super immature and still embracing my "all me" moments.) Regardless, I was always questioning why some people have their relationships survive? So I thought maybe I was with the wrong guy. It hurts to be heartbroken but I always wondered why it doesn't hurt that much. I don't have a pinching hurt in my heart as my aunt have described. I figured maybe I didn't meet him yet.

On my university days my friends have great relationships and there I am still looking for Mr. Right. I was jealous (not the negative jealousy though) because most of the time I don't have a date. That life sucks especially on Valentine's day! Good thing I survived (well, of course). After my graduation, I was still looking for him! He didn't even come on my mid-20's!

Where is he?

I remember my grandma used to tell me, when he comes you'll know it in your heart. You will have an indescribable feeling like MAGIC! Well, I don't think she's right. I found someone but I didn't feel anything magical, I was happy at the time but I felt alone and there is something missing... love. I was happy but I don't love him! I couldn't even believe that I am being dishonest to myself when I said I love him when in fact I don't. I thought maybe there is no such thing as LOVE. Grandma was all wrong! Love doesn't exist. People get into relationship and marriage because they are happy together. Period. And oh maybe because others are just lucky they found their true love. Grandma also said to me, DO NOT RUSH because you might miss him. Some people are fool they rush into things without realizing what they're doing. Maybe she's right on this one. She also added if you find him nothing will separate you. I asked her why is that? She answered, because he's the man God had made for you. It won't look so perfect but you'll feel you're in the perfect arms.

Grandma just made my mind and heart a "hopeless romantic" because I carried those words all throughout my life of searching. I was constantly looking for that perfect arms!

He will come when you least not expecting!

Okay, enough said. I am in a relationship but I don't feel like I am in the perfect arms and for some reason I am still on the look out! Oh yeah, now I am positive Grandma was wrong. And I am right. Love does not exist. Right?

Well, WRONG!!!

One fine day, on a beautiful Christmas eve I found the most amazing discovery in the entire universe! In the mid-corner of the table I saw something! Something MAGICAL!!! I believe I saw what grandma used to tell me over and over again when I was a little girl. The boy's eyes were so mesmerizing when he met mine. I feel magic in the air! Oh my God, my grandma was right! I cannot believe it, she was right! I felt love at first sight. Is this real? Why am I feeling this emotion, there is no love, right?

When True Love hits you, nothing can take it away from you.

Now I know grandma knows what she's talking about. Love is real. It does exist. There are also other things I've discovered... that love is selfless. It needs lots of patience and understanding. It's not about who you're with but it's who you'll become. It's a hard work too and forgiving. Yes, it's magical yet mysterious. I also believe that God also plays a big role in holding a relationship and marriage to last. After all,  He is the One who created me out of my guy's one rib.

If it's meant to be, it's meant to be? Hmmm... we'll see!!!

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