Friday, November 5, 2010


Have you ever been into a situation in your life where you have no idea how to get out? 

... your mental capacity has not been working?
... your dignity is at stake?
... your whole life is a mess?
... you question yourself so much with many why's?

In other words, your entire sanity is struggling, you don't even know how you get there in the first place!

Probably, the most dangerous situation! Because this situation might lead you to surrendering your sanity to hell. It may lead you astray.

Some people chose to deal it with drugs, sex, men, suicide... many things! Things that will solve their problem temporarily or things that they thought they could escape the situation.

I know this kind of life sucks!

But don't give up! 

I have been there many times in my life!

I have been into many shameful situations!

In fact, right now I am there again...

But I never give up. I know God will not give me a trial that I couldn't deal with. All I wanted to do is giving it all to God, I couldn't solve my problem alone. I need God's intervention. All throughout my life,   this is how I win. Through my prayers to God.

Sometimes, God has a purpose and He wants us to stand firm to Him alone, not to rely on our own power and understanding. We may not know His purpose at the "trial" moment but as soon as we pass the trials and tribulations we could clearly see it's divinely purpose and how strong we became.

Other times, we are the ones who created our own mess; we may not realize but this is when we let satan rule our lives. There is a saying that says, "Never give the devil a ride for he will always want to drive." The devil lured us with richness, happiness... a life that we enjoy for a moment but not the lasting joy that we always wanted.

Either way, remember God is always with us willing to give us infinite second chances. He forgets and He forgives. He never count how many times we messes our lives. He is just there, waiting for us to go back to Him. We are always welcome to Him, He even sacrifices Himself to pay for our sins on the cross. That's how much God loves us.

In life's trials and tribulations (sickness, financial difficulites, love hardships and etc.), don't ever give up! Pray for God's guidance and mercy.

When in doubt and in trouble, say this powerful words:

"With Jesus' stripes, ___(your situation)___ is healed. 

Through His blood in Calvary,  __(your situation)____ have been cleansed."

Now, I am Free!

Just don't lose hope. Give it all to God. And have faith. Rely in His divine power.

Finally, go out to the world and have your head up high!

Be proud of who you are regardless of anything else!


"If God is with me, who can be against me?"

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