Thursday, December 25, 2014

Celebrating Christmas

How do you celebrate Christmas? Is it with all the material things in the world? No matter how we choose to celebrate this season, let us not forget that Christmas is the birth of Christ. 

It's not the "Expensive Gifts" but it is our family, real friends, love ones who faithfully loves us and the true spirit of Christmas, which is the Birth of Christ, Makes the Holiday Cheer! 

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2015!! 

Joyce Cortez

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Angel's Stories

Have you been touched by an angel? I've always been a spiritual person as far as I remember. It could be an influence from my mother but I've always believe there is someone beyond human's perception and understanding. I, for once, and for many times have witness miracles and if not, felt an angel's touch.

I won't tell you a story of my own instead I'll share with you a true story I've read from the Guideposts pertaining to power of prayers. Cold shivers runs through me after reading and I just couldn't explain how I felt. 

The story goes like this....

Saved by an Angel's Prayers

A heavenly visitor stayed in the hospital room and prayed all night for our little boy.
By Marlene J. Chase

Bouts of pneumonia and severe asthma had dogged our child since birth—but never like this. Sitting in the hospital waiting room, my husband and I didn’t know if he’d survive the night.
We’d been at Grandma’s house when his lungs suddenly seized up. Epinephrine injections didn’t help. Now he was on a ventilator. The nurse checked in on us from time to time to see if we needed anything. Otherwise, we were alone with our worries.
Until a chaplain entered the room. I expected him to say the obligatory prayers, wish us well, and move on to others in need. And indeed, he sat across from us, leaned forward and bowed his head. But he said nothing. Perhaps he doesn't want to intrude, I thought. Still, I was grateful for his presence. His silent prayer was comforting. I tried to sleep. Each time I briefly opened my eyes, I saw the chaplain there, deep in meditation. 
After a restless night, the first rays of dawn finally crept through the window blinds. The nurse entered the room. "Your son is out of danger," she said. "he's going to be fine!" My husband and I raced to his bedside.
Afterward, we asked the nurse how could we thank the hospital chaplain for waiting with us for so long during the night. "The chaplain?" the nurse said puzzled. "He's on vacation." "So who was sitting in the waiting room with us? I asked. "I checked on you all night," the nurse said. "You were alone."

There can be miracles, When You Believe!


God bless us all!