Thursday, May 27, 2010

Choosing Between Love, Feelings and Emotions

There comes a time of our lives where we have to choose. We choose between our feelings and emotions, other times we choose through love. If we chose through love, we fly; if we choose our feelings and emotions, we become confuse and things doesn't make sense. I've been reading a book for a while it's called, "Love is not a Feeling but a Choice" it says our love is not made through feelings but are made by our choices. When I first read this book I was still in the university with the belief that love composed of our feelings and emotions to the other person. But as my perception matures I finally realized that LOVE indeed is a CHOICE.
How do we choose? As human nature, it still involve feelings and our emotions. Sometimes our feelings and our emotions conflicts us, other times they click. But if we choose with our hearts, that is through love, we definitely have made our best choices. Feelings and emotions deceives us, our hearts don't. One reality check is choosing between our heart's desires versus our own desires. We may love something or say love somebody but that person doesn't have the criteria that we have set for ourselves or she doesn't have the means that our parents and friends are expecting you to have. The tendency is to forget our heart's desires and continue to struggle with our feelings and emotions just to satisfy our own set of standards and other's expectations of you. We, most of the time live through people's expectations, the reason why it is hard for us to choose. We don't care about ourselves but we care more on other's perspectives on us. You know we only live once on this earth so we should choose on what our hearts are saying and should not be based on our feelings and emotions. Because most of the time our feelings and emotions are the results of the outside force, that is based on other people's ideas and expectations on us and not based on our heart's desires. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hold on to your DREAM

Archive: The Word for you today

"Though the vision tarry, wait for it... it will surely come."
                                                            - Habakkuk 2:3

Whether you're in a prison cell like Joseph, a soup kitchen in an inner city or at home with small children, God hasn't abandoned the dream He placed in your heart. You may not know how to get from where you are to where your dream would take you, but God knows! Simply ask Him to reaveal the next step. The more you envision yourself leading in the boardroom, launching your own business, serving a ministry, writing your first book or helping others through your unique gifts, the sooner it will become a reality. Before our vision becomes clear God gives us glimpses of it - like a picture developing from a soft hue into a sharp resolution.

Take your God-given vision and run with it. Allow it to fuel your motivation to perform to the best of your ability in your present position, while always remaining in communication with Him who knows and loves you best. Today, pray: " Lord, I thank you for all You've given me - even those things that seem unfair and unjust, even the scars that have been inflicted by those intending evil against me. Empower me to do my best, to remain Christ-like and positive,because I know that where I am right now is not where You're taking me. Grant me glimpses of Your vision for my future so that my understanding may grow in accordance with Your timing. Give me patience along the way and faith to trust that You are working for my good every moment of the day. Amen."

"Wait and see the goodness of our Lord God." - joyce