Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Another year is about to end and yet another year will come that I'll have to embrace. On July 5th, I will be celebrating once again my existence on earth. My life is quite a ride I must say ~ some ride made me meltdown that I've questioned my God and my existence, some have made me laugh, one important ride made me stand up over the bumps and big mountains that came my way. This ride brings lessons to be learned. It came over and over again until I get the message it's trying to imply. A ride that made a significant impact in my life. It made me decide if I'll move on and become better or to stay and keep looking at the past. The second choice is the easiest choice but you won't go anywhere. And one ride keeps me on dreaming about my present and future. There's a motto for this ride it says,  "I Can DO Anything!" and "Even the word impossible say im-possible!"

On this one fine Sunday afternoon I was contemplating about my accomplishments from the past few months. Did I grow? Did I become better as a person and as a woman? Did I get all my list done? Did I become more passionate about the things and people around me? All of these questions kept popping on my head. Suddenly I stopped. I was thinking maybe I became so hard on myself that out of fear I turned my back on how to accept the good things that came my way. The pressure I've put on myself got me out of reach. Or maybe I was just thinking too much and forgot how to have fun! Fun? Yes, this is what I needed to embrace more.  

I went to church this morning with my thoughts flying again... As if they were flying for few years now, it might seem funny but this morning I came to realize I have to do something right for myself. I've realized I have to forgive whatever it is that's keeping me in the dark. I needed to go out of my shell. I've been hiding here for quite a while now. It's still a good thin because I've come to realize these things before I become weirder and older. Still funny, huh? And you know what more I've realized? That God is everything. It's not the material things, accomplishments or the man that I truly love who can make me happy and content but it is how I know and love myself. It's hard to do this if the soul is wandering. That's why a touch from God have helped me to accept the things that's done and close the door behind me and to embrace the present. To open a new door with new promises. On this wonderful Sunday, God have helped me see many beautiful things I've refused to embrace and somehow helped me to eagerly accept today's wonderful promises.

Happy Birthday to Myself! Keep rockin' and fabulous! May I have more birthdays to come, a good health and God bless me always. Guide me and please make my wishes and prayers come true dear God. Thank you for another wonderful and blessed year!

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