Monday, November 23, 2009

My Perfect Hideaway

When I was a student I only go to the library if I needed to do a research. You can never see me there hanging out. For me a library is so dull, boring and I couldn't even breathe because it is so quiet. I would rather read in a coffee shop or in a park or better yet my study area in my bedroom. I really never enjoyed going in the library.

But now that I am working and I don't need to go to the library, I have discovered that there are a lot precious things it could offer. It is not just a study area or for research but it has everything. I borrowed good books from my favorite authors such as Rich Woman by Kim Kiyosaki, DVD's even the latest movie, the Twilight, I could get it without spending my money; I could use the internet if I'm bored surfing here at home. I'm not even buying magazines anymore; I'll just go there since it has a lot of selections whether it is a fashion mags or business mags. It also has music selections. I also discovered that I am a pretty good painter, ehemm... thanks to the guidebook I've borrowed. I also met new friends. Pretty amazing huh!

There are times when I needed to be on my own or say I need to have a quiet time I will go there to find my own. When I feel lonely and alone I go there too and read a good book or my prayer book plus in there I could see a lot of people which makes me feel that I am not alone. Sometimes I will go and pretend that I am reading when in fact I am observing people's emotions or their actions. Sounds weird but I find it phenomenal because by observing people's actions it makes me differentiate and I tend to categorize them as lonely, happy and etc... This by the way makes my neocortex working. *neocortex is a region of the brain where thought or reason is being processed, it serves as the center of higher mental functions for humans.

For many reasons I think I find a perfect getaway; I don't need to spend a lot plus I do have time to rediscover things that I have which I forgot I have and discover things that I have which I don't know I have.

A library for me before was a boring place but now it has changed into a place of pretty amazing discoveries.

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