Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Beautiful Heart

There are people who were born to have a beautiful heart. They seem to be fragile, naive, introvert, afraid and all those kinds of adjective. I think judging a person by how they look or by how their hearts easily melt is unfair and shouldn't be justified on our own judgments. As most of the poets says the most fragile person you knew she/he was is by far the strongest person you'll ever know.

In the movies or mostly in television series (teleseries), the main character has the most beautiful heart. They would be unjustly judge, treated unfairly and so on and so forth. But these justifications are nothing compared to the faith she/he has in herself/himself. In fact they were like a fertilizer to her/him helping her every step to be stronger and an achiever. She was not discouraged nor condemns the people who have been condemning her. In the end of each movie the main character ends up being a winner and the most successful.

What about you? Have you examined yourself lately? Our modern world has forgotten the true meaning of being beautiful. People today will more likely judge each person on how they look, how much money do they have, how many possessions and so on. It's all about material things which is so sad. Once I asked somebody close to me how would he choose someone he would marry; he said somebody with a beautiful heart. But now I am not sure if he still has that philosophy because I could see he's been carried away from the world's possession. Now money and wealth are more important to him than what he truly feels inside. I mean money is good but if we put money before God and before ourselves, there is something wrong with that. As the 10 Commandments have stated as the first; "You shall have no gods before me." Clearly we should be reading the Ten Commandments more often and practice it in our daily lives (oh yeah, sometimes I stumble too and have to go get back up again). The only difference now is I became closer to God. What I'm trying to say here is if we see or know someone who has money and power he/she becomes beautiful into our eyes. So with physical appearance. Our modern minds are deceived with physical appearance, money and power. Having a beautiful heart is not important anymore. It's hard to neither admit nor believe but clearly that is what happening nowadays.
I want to share a beautiful scripture from the book of Sirach 11:1-3; The Deceptiveness of Appearances. "The wisdom of the humble lifts their heads high, and seats them among the great. Do not praise individuals for their good looks, or loathe anyone because of appearance alone. The bee is small among flying creatures, but what it produces is the best of sweet things.
Yes indeed, a beautiful heart produces the best of sweet things.

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