Saturday, May 16, 2009

A toast to our dreams

DREAMS…We started to form dreams since childhood. As a child, we dream of having a new dress or a new toy like our playmates have. Who would forget the all time favorite question, “what would you want to be when you grow up?” I remember I used to answer, “I want to put make-up everyday! Because I thought if I put make-up on I would be successful! I know it sounds shallow but everywhere I go the successful people I saw, well, at least at that time, were all wearing make-up! By the way make-up is part of my everyday routine now. LOL! But us we grow up, things change, our horizon widens and we soar. We also then tend to categorize our dreams by becoming more realistic and more focused to achieve them. Although sometimes we became worried thru the deadlines we set for ourselves, other times we forget time have past by. Hmmm..sounds like I am I talking about myself on that part! ;) But needless to say, dreams are important aspects of our lives. They became our inspiration; we should guard, aim and hit them better than we have imagined!

A toast to our dreams!


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