Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why GOD is Everything To Me

It is better to trust in the Lord
than to put confidence in man.
- Psalm 118:8

I have felt God's love for me eversince I learnt how to breathe in my mother's womb or maybe from the first time I have a pulse. For some reason, God have chosen me to live inspite of a devastating experience I had in my mother's womb. Miraculously as a fetus I was forming normally without any discrepancies in my chromosomes and I was born alive and normal. Well, I just need to spend my early days in the incubator because I was a tiny and a very delicate baby. Just imagine how crucial my life was but maybe God has a great plan for me that He took care of me in my mother's womb.

When I am starting to build my own character and personality, I am lucky enough that my Mother have a strong belief in God that she helps me to build a strong foundation with Him. I remember as a child I am very active to Church activities not only in my Church as a Catholic but she also allowed me open my eyes to other Christian religion where it helps me to become open to ideas and beliefs of different sectors and to understand them and to be non-judgmental.

But there is one thing that I became certain, "Never question nor forsake GOD." Throughout my life of discovering I have come to know that everything we are, are from God. Every atom and every cell of every living thing are all from God's creation. Science and some spiritual gurus have been saying that it is from the highest form of a matter but where is the "matter" came from? I think it is from God. There have been few debates of evolution theories but no one could ever explain where life comes from.

 "Where science ends, Faith begins"

 James A. Keen, a Pastor from the Missionary Baptist Mission  has a good explanation regarding this and I like the statement he gave as a conclusion, he said,  "Don’t be afraid of science. Understand its rightful place and use the good science to accomplish God’s will. Yet, do not be lured into an idolatry that neglects faith in our loving God and exalts man’s reason. True believers have always faced a mountain of critics with lots of deceptively appealing reasons to reject the truth. Their arguments have come and gone but the truth of God has never changed."

Everything he said is true, God is everything we are, whether we like it or not we are created in His own image.

God is the truth.

He is faithful.

He is everything to me.