Monday, December 21, 2009

With Your Help...

Hi there,

Love is the most amazing thing in the world. I always say that phrase to myself and to everybody; because it is free though it is the hardest thing to find and to keep. Once you've found it, hold it to your heart for love is unconditional.

For once in my life, I met mine on a Christmas Eve in 2006. I felt home when I first saw him and actually until now if I am with him I still feel home. I smile whenever I thought of him; a smile like a child with twinkles on my eye. My heart still leaps for joy and excitement whenever he calls or whenever I see him. My feelings are unexplainable. It is so magical. It is so blest...

Although for the past few years, my love has been tested. I didn't do anything stupid to bring it back. No evil doings or thoughts. I just prayed and I waited. I realized LOVE also is patience and perseverance. It tests how much I love him. While we were away I've realized more and more that what I'm feeling is truly a real LOVE. I've also realized, love endures forever. I thought, oh yeah, there is really a thing called "unconditional love."

”A pure love finds its way back.”

Now, I just need a little of help... Since I never had a male figure in my life, I just need your understanding and patience... I might have annoyed you sometimes but I know little by little it will be better.

One thing is for sure, you are a gift from God and I am thankful that He gave you back to me.
May God bless you always.

Remember, I love you always and I trust you.

Your Angel

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