Friday, August 28, 2009

Together Again

I found this lovely poem by Daryl Holloway from, one day soon I would love to be in this position. Hmm, speaking of being a hopeless romantic, eh? Well, it's good to dream big unconditionally, right? We never know we might get it one day. As they say, Dream big, Look big, Aim big. Receive big!

Enjoy the poem!

Heart to heart, hand in hand,
Face to face, today we stand.

Together again, so far so good,
Others have doubt, but I knew we could.

Withstand the rumors, who cares what they say,
We're together right now, and that's the way we'll stay.

I let you go, you let me fly,
We both came back, both wanted to try.

A new beginning, this time with no end,
You're my lover, my family, my forever friend.

I hope that I am the same to you,
Because I'd do anything in the world for you.

I think about you when you're away,
I dream of you when in bed I lay.

You fill my thought of yesterdays and tomorrows,
You're there to comfort me when I'm feeling sorrow.

You hold my hand, you make me smile,
And because of that, I'd go ten thousand extra miles.

Despite the rumors, despite all our fears,
We've been strong, we've been together for years.

Heart to heart, hand in hand,
Face to face, together we stand.

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